Monday, May 4, 2015

Final 11 x 17 Booklet

The final booklet explains and has everything for this project so people can see the process that I went through creating my design for each group. This booklet will help assist people with any further information that isn't included within my poster such as finishes and fixtures.

Final Presentation Poster

For the Final Presentation we were asked to make a poster 42" wide by 36" tall. We have to include our floor plan along with our section perspectives for both client as long as any other information that we thought would help people understand what we did within the space. Below is my poster ! note that in the PDF you aren't able to see the floor plan very well but once printed out it came with normal line weight!

Final Presentation Draft

Tuesday, April 23 we got to present what we had and get some feed back on our work before presenting the final on May 5. The work below is what I had for Tuesday's critique.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Bedroom mapping of the Mill houses

Just like the bathroom mapping, I was interesting to find out the amount of bedrooms each mill house had. According to the map coming from cartodb most of the houses have two bedrooms in them which makes sense for the size of the houses itself.

Number of bathrooms within the mill houses

I was interested in seeing the total amount of bathroom each house has just because it was so surprising to me that there was only one bathroom in my type house. Mapping this out it shows that most of the houses has one bathroom with the exception of one that has four bathroom in it.

Type houses mapping