Wednesday, January 21, 2015

How my concept will influence my design

Along with the yin-yang there are 5 elements:

5. Metal 

Yin has water and tree and Yang has fire and soil...metal is found between both of them. Below is how I will show each metal within the parklet.

Fire- will be light..since it will be open the sun itself will be the light 

Soil- will be the ground itself

Tree- will use wood throughout the parklet, rectangular outline/furniture/benches, paper book covers which are found in the tables inside the book store so this will help tie the book store with the parklet in a way but still allowing it to look open to the public

Water- blue colored benches 

Metal- railing/wires ( the metal will be the one to tie downtown with the find metal structure throughout downtown so the parklet will have metal as well making it part of downtown)


After having a talk to the owner of the book store in downtown Greensboro, scuppernong, I got a better understanding on what exactly I wanted the parklet to be or the purpose of the parklet itself. One thing that the owner kept repeating and kept making it clear was the word embraces and I got a sense that the he was a very humble person and he viewed everybody as an equal person. The community was important to him. So taking in consideration of that I wanted to come up with a concept that would show two different things joining together to make one whole community. The Yin-Yang came into mind and thought it would be perfect. The yin is calm, peaceful, and slow movement representing the parklet. Yang on the other hand is quick movement, strong, and enthusiastic representing downtown. All coming together to create one piece...a community.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


For Thursday we are suppose to have a concept written out in an haiku which is a Japanese poem that has 17 syllables with 5 on the first and third lines and 7 on the second line. To start out thinking on what could be my concept I wrote adjectives that I thought represented the parklet...

Adorable, active, alive, artistic, beautiful, bold, calm, acceptable, adorable, amazing, attractive, beloved, bright, caring, accurate, affectionate, annual, awesome, beneficial, bubbly, charming, cheerful, cute, dependable, enchanting, evergreen, fixed, giving, creative, daring, devoted, energetic, fabulous, friendly, growing, cultured, delightful, different, equal, fearless, genuine, handy, harmless, important, neighboring, obvious, pleasant, powerful, reliable,helpful, lovable, new, organic, pleasing, productive, respectful, magnificent, open, peaceful, positive, quick, rewarding, hospitable, modern, unique, useful, wonderful, safe, thoughtful, unselfish, valuable, yearly, sociable, treasured, urban, vibrant, talkative, trusting, used, and welcome

After having this very long list of words I broke it down even more and found the words that I thought best fitted on how or what I wanted to incorporate in my parklet.

Cultured, safe, alive, dependable, neighboring, open, urban, artistic, attractive, equal, organic, peaceful, welcome, beneficial, pleasant, yearly, friendly and calm

Today's class

Today we got to actually talk and get to know more on what our project of the parklets was going to be like for the community as well as for the business owners that will have the parklet in front of there building. Overall I feel that people are at least the ones that we talked to today are interested in this idea of an "Urban Park". We got to also go on site and do some measurements and see what problems we might face with.


We were asked to find patterns in the website that we thought was appropriate for the project that we are working on. The following are the patterns that I found related to the project of the parklets.

8- Mosaic of Subcultures
10- Magic of the City
26- Life Cycle
24- Sacred Sites
27- Men and Women
30- Activity nodes
31- Promenade
33- Night Life
40- Old people everywhere
41- Work Community
51- Green Streets
56- Bike Paths and Racks
57- Children in the City
60- Accessible green
61- Small public Squares
67- Common Land
69- Public Outdoor Room
74- Animals
75- The family
88- Street Cafe
94- Sleeping in Public
147- Communal Eating
150- A place to wait
185- Sitting Circle
207- Good materials
251- Different Chairs

Sunday, January 18, 2015


Me and my teammates decided to go out on Friday to capture some architecture fixture within the block of where the project is taking place in downtown Greensboro. one thing that I noticed was that every building in downtown has its own particular appearance and style in the exterior and well of course in the interior ! It was actually interesting noticing that just because every single time I go to downtown I have never really actually took time to look at it in such detail!each store has its own little character which brings everything together making downtown Greensboro what it is finding large corporate buildings to small independent stores.

Thursday 1-15

We basically say down and talked some more on the project itself we also did a little activity in which helped us understand a little more on how to choice an appropriate concept when we are designing. Finding a concept is so difficult for me for some reason! I believe it's one of the hardest things there is of design and doing the activity kind of helped me to understand how it works but when I sit down to try to find one on my own I end up confused all over again.

First Day Of Class

On the first day of class we didn't really do much. We got to sit down and introduce each other to the instructor and the TA and got an idea on how this semester was going to be like. We found out that we will be working in two different projects. The first project will involve us collaborating with our team mate to do a portion of the project as well as working individual for well our individual work.  I am looking forward in getting started with this semester hope I will be as successful as I was last semester! Although I will admit the whole being for 4 hours in studio isn't so great to me ! I'm still finding myself adapting to that!