Wednesday, January 21, 2015

How my concept will influence my design

Along with the yin-yang there are 5 elements:

5. Metal 

Yin has water and tree and Yang has fire and soil...metal is found between both of them. Below is how I will show each metal within the parklet.

Fire- will be light..since it will be open the sun itself will be the light 

Soil- will be the ground itself

Tree- will use wood throughout the parklet, rectangular outline/furniture/benches, paper book covers which are found in the tables inside the book store so this will help tie the book store with the parklet in a way but still allowing it to look open to the public

Water- blue colored benches 

Metal- railing/wires ( the metal will be the one to tie downtown with the find metal structure throughout downtown so the parklet will have metal as well making it part of downtown)

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