Tuesday, January 20, 2015


For Thursday we are suppose to have a concept written out in an haiku which is a Japanese poem that has 17 syllables with 5 on the first and third lines and 7 on the second line. To start out thinking on what could be my concept I wrote adjectives that I thought represented the parklet...

Adorable, active, alive, artistic, beautiful, bold, calm, acceptable, adorable, amazing, attractive, beloved, bright, caring, accurate, affectionate, annual, awesome, beneficial, bubbly, charming, cheerful, cute, dependable, enchanting, evergreen, fixed, giving, creative, daring, devoted, energetic, fabulous, friendly, growing, cultured, delightful, different, equal, fearless, genuine, handy, harmless, important, neighboring, obvious, pleasant, powerful, reliable,helpful, lovable, new, organic, pleasing, productive, respectful, magnificent, open, peaceful, positive, quick, rewarding, hospitable, modern, unique, useful, wonderful, safe, thoughtful, unselfish, valuable, yearly, sociable, treasured, urban, vibrant, talkative, trusting, used, and welcome

After having this very long list of words I broke it down even more and found the words that I thought best fitted on how or what I wanted to incorporate in my parklet.

Cultured, safe, alive, dependable, neighboring, open, urban, artistic, attractive, equal, organic, peaceful, welcome, beneficial, pleasant, yearly, friendly and calm

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