Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Final draft perspective

I am still currently working on the final perspective but this is what I have so far.

Parklet color

So going back to the conversation I had with our TA I have come up with a bolder look to my parklet trying to incorporate the yin and yang with height variation as well as with colors.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Feed back from 2-10-15

I actually got feedback from Tuesday. While I was waiting for my instructor to come and talk to me I actually was able to figure how to do the section correctly. I was also able to make a few changes to my plan, One thing that I would like to change is the bar height. After talking to my instructor, she gave me an idea that maybe I should play around with the height of the bar giving it more of that yin- yang feel to it.

Documents for Tuesday 2-10-15

Thursday, February 5, 2015

New Design for the parklet

Here is what I have came up for the design of my parklet. I hope that I have met the instructors expectation on how it should look as for of the unsymmetrical shape.

Model 2/5/15

For today's class we were asked to bring a model (preliminary) that shows our idea in a three dimensional form. We had to take in consideration on what they told us on Monday and come up with a new design for our parklet. Since my instructor stated to me that my design was too symmetrical, I decided to change the the bench went around the outline of the parklet to represent the yin and yang (one face opposite from the other one).I still wanted to make the space open and not make it feel so crowded as well I have to keep in mind of ADA and have a wide enough passage for someone in a wheelchair to get through. Well of course my instructor once again didn't think that it went with my design because it was too "symmetrical". So welp here I go again changing my design taking in consideration my instructors thoughts on how it should look.

Before I go any further....

I forgot to post my presentation that has my narratives, patterns, and images

Tuesdays presentation

We were asked to do two different floor plans for the parklet each having a different design. We had someone from the book store come and take a look at our work and tell us what he thinks would work or wouldn't work. We also had someone from the city of Greensboro came to see our process and also give us some feed back. We were also asked to do some perspectives to show what it is we are thinking in doing and how it will be seen in thee dimensional. Instead of having two designs I had six which you can see in the blog before this one. Each one of them had something to offer and a different way of layout of the seating areas. You will notice that in my perspective I used wood and metal as my materials and the color red,blue, and brown which come from my concept. The feed back that I got from my teacher was that my design was to symmetrical to be consider as Feng Shui, but in reality when I looking at some images of decoration of Feng Shui not all of the layout were unsymmetrical in fact there were plenty of symmetrical designs. We (my group) learned that they (the book store) wasn't really too happy about the idea of having vegetation in the parklet just because its has to be maintained as well as it is easily trashed and destroy by people. He also expressed that he didn't like the idea of having glass and acrylic due to the fact that it can be vandalized. Below are my 11 x 17 presentation that we had to bring in to show our work.

Floor plans

My concept the yin yang which uses five elements of feng shui which was what I was going to us throughout my design of the parklet. Since it was such a small space I wanted to use as much space as possible to accommodate as much seating as possible. I also wanted to accommodate a area where people can sit high where they can put their laptops or there drinks and work at a comfortable position. The bar area would also work as a storage for the stoles as well as an area where they can have live entertainment set up. I wanted to have an area also that can be used by children for distraction. Keeping in mind that it is such a small and tight space within the parklet and within the sidewalk, I wanted to keep the entrance to the parklet as open as possible to give it that open feel to it.

The direct relationship that I decided to include in my parklet from the bookstore would be the different fable characters that I will be incorporating in my railing, the book covers found on top of their tables I would put them on top of the bar top and the wood flooring.

Preliminary sketches of floor plan