Thursday, February 5, 2015

Floor plans

My concept the yin yang which uses five elements of feng shui which was what I was going to us throughout my design of the parklet. Since it was such a small space I wanted to use as much space as possible to accommodate as much seating as possible. I also wanted to accommodate a area where people can sit high where they can put their laptops or there drinks and work at a comfortable position. The bar area would also work as a storage for the stoles as well as an area where they can have live entertainment set up. I wanted to have an area also that can be used by children for distraction. Keeping in mind that it is such a small and tight space within the parklet and within the sidewalk, I wanted to keep the entrance to the parklet as open as possible to give it that open feel to it.

The direct relationship that I decided to include in my parklet from the bookstore would be the different fable characters that I will be incorporating in my railing, the book covers found on top of their tables I would put them on top of the bar top and the wood flooring.

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