Thursday, February 5, 2015

Model 2/5/15

For today's class we were asked to bring a model (preliminary) that shows our idea in a three dimensional form. We had to take in consideration on what they told us on Monday and come up with a new design for our parklet. Since my instructor stated to me that my design was too symmetrical, I decided to change the the bench went around the outline of the parklet to represent the yin and yang (one face opposite from the other one).I still wanted to make the space open and not make it feel so crowded as well I have to keep in mind of ADA and have a wide enough passage for someone in a wheelchair to get through. Well of course my instructor once again didn't think that it went with my design because it was too "symmetrical". So welp here I go again changing my design taking in consideration my instructors thoughts on how it should look.

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