Thursday, February 5, 2015

Tuesdays presentation

We were asked to do two different floor plans for the parklet each having a different design. We had someone from the book store come and take a look at our work and tell us what he thinks would work or wouldn't work. We also had someone from the city of Greensboro came to see our process and also give us some feed back. We were also asked to do some perspectives to show what it is we are thinking in doing and how it will be seen in thee dimensional. Instead of having two designs I had six which you can see in the blog before this one. Each one of them had something to offer and a different way of layout of the seating areas. You will notice that in my perspective I used wood and metal as my materials and the color red,blue, and brown which come from my concept. The feed back that I got from my teacher was that my design was to symmetrical to be consider as Feng Shui, but in reality when I looking at some images of decoration of Feng Shui not all of the layout were unsymmetrical in fact there were plenty of symmetrical designs. We (my group) learned that they (the book store) wasn't really too happy about the idea of having vegetation in the parklet just because its has to be maintained as well as it is easily trashed and destroy by people. He also expressed that he didn't like the idea of having glass and acrylic due to the fact that it can be vandalized. Below are my 11 x 17 presentation that we had to bring in to show our work.

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