Monday, March 30, 2015

Type B house logo

The logo that Dria and I came up with for our group

The concept for Millennial

Adjectives/ Words that I felt describe them:

- chic
- technological
- active
- urban
- socialize
- casual
- multifunctional
- bold
- usable
- advanced
- energetic
- functional
- short term

Baby Boomers Concept

Adjectives/ Words that I thought describe this group:

- user friendly
- functionable
- age in place
- comfortable
- safe
- classical style
- simple elegance
- long term
- fixed
-  organic
- personal
- old fashion
- lasting
- original

Type B house

So after we went to tour the Mill, we got a chance to go and look at our assigned house type. Ours was the tricky one since our house is currently being occupied by a family and we couldn't go inside to see the actual house itself since the lady had just had a new born but we were able to take some dimensions on the exterior. We also got a chance to go to another type B house to get an idea of the interior but the tricky part about this was that the house has already went through some remodeling so the floor plan did not match up with the original floor plan of the first house. So our job was to go inside and try to figure out what was changed and what was kept. It wasn't as easy as I thought it was going to be. At first we had trouble trying to figure out what was modified and what wasn't but once we started measuring the rooms and comparing them with the other house interior dimensions that we were provided with we started to get a better idea on what had been changed and what had been kept within the house from the original.

Loray Mill, Gastonia, NC

On Tuesday, May 24, we went to Gastonia, NC to visit to Loray Mill as well as to visit and take dimension of our particular house that was assigned to us for the second and last project that we will do this semester.

When we first arrived to Loray Mill it was hard for me to picture it to be this apartment/loft kind of building. For me in particular the exterior looked very unattractive and not very inviting. Of course we have to keep in mind that this is a historical building in which preservation in the building itself need to be kept. Anyways, when we entered the building I was amazed and surprised at the same time. The building in the inside had this modern/ antique look to it. I found it interesting how they kept the old fire doors of the building and incorporated it in the decoration. Walking through the Mill you see all these different spaces in which they already know in which some are already saved to be something while others are just simply waiting to be assigned a name. Some rooms like the brewer, were just simply assigned accidentally. We got a chance to look at the one bedroom loft and well as the two bedroom one. I actually liked it and was amazed on how the spaced looked. When I first looked at the floor plan I wasn't sure how I felt about it just because it was such a small space and everything seemed so crammed but looking at in in person it was beautiful honestly! I will say that there isn't much of privacy but for someone young and single who is just starting to build up their own life, I feel like it is perfect. One thing that I will say about the mill itself is that some of the spaces it seems like it was an after thought for instance there was a room where there was just furniture placed in randomly it seemed to me and also the hallways was so huge that it felt like it was a big waste of space.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

My speech for the Final parklet presentation

My inspiration for my parklet came from the yin yang symbol that is a combination of relaxation with mental and intellectual activities, like reading a book or listening to live entertainment. It also reflects a diverse and nurturing environment. Diverse because it accommodates not only regular adults and teens but also children and those in a wheel chair and nurturing because it cares for the needs of its diverse population, and welcome them to be part of the parklet. I showed the yin and yang concept throughout my design with the use of color and activities.

 I incorporated the tree located in front of the store into the yin side of my design because tree is one of the element of yin. I also wanted to have an open feel to the yin side to enhance the level of comfort and relaxation.  The color theme used here were different shades of greens, blues and grays to give it a soothing feel  typical of the yin environment. For the yang side of my parklet, I wanted to incorporate more activities, make it more enclosed for the safety of kid as well as accommodate live entertainment and other activities that will result in short term stay within the bar area such as standing looking something up in a laptop or having a quick conversation while drinking coffee. The color theme I used on this side was different shades of red, yellow, and orange to the  active environment of yang.

The materials used in the parklet are wood (teak) for the built-ins, Bison decking for the flooring, metal, mosaic tiles, and gravel.  Around the perimeter of the parklet, I gradually changed the height of the walls with the highest being in the yang side reducing as you approach the yin side. This gradual change in height represents the level of energy within the yin yang. Yin, the passive side (low energy) Yang the active side (high energy).  I also decided to incorporate garden bells that will represent vegetation, which addresses the request for low maintenance items in the parklet's design. These bells will also work to give out soothing sound produced when stricken by wind or rain drops contributing to the relaxing sensation of the environment. In addition, Aesop fable characters were incorporated within the railing of the parklet to connect with the bookstore sign that has a fable character in it "a fox", and book covers on my bar tops establishing the direct relationship between the parklet and Scuppernong. 

Final presentation

Yesterday, we finally were able to present our final product in the creation of the parklet. I got good feed back with my design and the functionality of it. I also got good feed back on how I showed my concept throughout my design. The one thing that I would like to change about my design would be the colors! I think that they are so bold that maybe it wasn't the best choice for this particular project. Overall I think that we all did an excellent job with not only designing but also presenting our ideas.

Below are pictures of my overall presentation as well as with a picture of my model that I built.