Monday, March 30, 2015

Loray Mill, Gastonia, NC

On Tuesday, May 24, we went to Gastonia, NC to visit to Loray Mill as well as to visit and take dimension of our particular house that was assigned to us for the second and last project that we will do this semester.

When we first arrived to Loray Mill it was hard for me to picture it to be this apartment/loft kind of building. For me in particular the exterior looked very unattractive and not very inviting. Of course we have to keep in mind that this is a historical building in which preservation in the building itself need to be kept. Anyways, when we entered the building I was amazed and surprised at the same time. The building in the inside had this modern/ antique look to it. I found it interesting how they kept the old fire doors of the building and incorporated it in the decoration. Walking through the Mill you see all these different spaces in which they already know in which some are already saved to be something while others are just simply waiting to be assigned a name. Some rooms like the brewer, were just simply assigned accidentally. We got a chance to look at the one bedroom loft and well as the two bedroom one. I actually liked it and was amazed on how the spaced looked. When I first looked at the floor plan I wasn't sure how I felt about it just because it was such a small space and everything seemed so crammed but looking at in in person it was beautiful honestly! I will say that there isn't much of privacy but for someone young and single who is just starting to build up their own life, I feel like it is perfect. One thing that I will say about the mill itself is that some of the spaces it seems like it was an after thought for instance there was a room where there was just furniture placed in randomly it seemed to me and also the hallways was so huge that it felt like it was a big waste of space.

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