Thursday, April 16, 2015

Bedroom mapping of the Mill houses

Just like the bathroom mapping, I was interesting to find out the amount of bedrooms each mill house had. According to the map coming from cartodb most of the houses have two bedrooms in them which makes sense for the size of the houses itself.

Number of bathrooms within the mill houses

I was interested in seeing the total amount of bathroom each house has just because it was so surprising to me that there was only one bathroom in my type house. Mapping this out it shows that most of the houses has one bathroom with the exception of one that has four bathroom in it.

Type houses mapping

Monday, April 13, 2015

Final PDF for Thursdays (4-5-15) review

Thursdays Review ( 4-5-15)

These were my final 11 x 17 pin ups that I had for Thursday's presentation. I got some great feed back from our guests on what I can do to make my design better. One of the main issue that one person said was the master bathroom making it more spacious for my baby boomer generation. From the other guest, I got that if I move the exterior walls in more for my baby boomers plan It will make the flow of circulation a bit better which will allow me to have more space to play around with in the master bedroom and master bathroom. For my millennial floor plan I was told to combine both the laundry and the half bath together all in one area. I also got that I need to shrink the kitchen in the baby boomers plan which will happen when I bring in my exterior wall. It was very helpful getting feed back and getting someones else opinion. One thing that I thought was a bit confusing was the fact that the people who came to the review weren't on the same page with what we were told on with this project which was a bit confusing at times and frustrating.